Flood Insurance

Waterproof your most valuable assets. The damage caused by floodwaters can ruin your home, your valuables, and sense of security. The outcome can also lead to devastating financial loss. It is always a good time to consider how you will protect your home in the event flooding occurs.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Federal Disaster Relief is a guarantee. Many homeowners painfully wait to hear if they will receive any help from the U.S. government. This type of assistance is only made available if the event is declared a disaster by the President. The financial aid provided is often a loan that requires repayment. If your home is flooded and assistance is not available, you will be responsible for the damage costs.

Stay protected no matter what unexpected disasters occur. A good flood insurance policy can help cover claims even when a disaster is not declared. Your financial losses can be reimbursed and this does not require repayment.

It’s never too early to purchase coverage. Do not wait until there is a risk of flood. A policy will not take effect immediately after purchase.